Eric's Half-Ironman Training

I am now training for my second half-ironman race. The race is in Boulder this time in August, 2007. I finished the Florida Half-Ironman in May, 2007. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Warm up: 2 x 150 swim, last 50 backstroke
Main: 650 meters
Total: 950 meters

I hate crappy swimming days. Today was another one of them. I was just dragging and my time shows it. I didn't list my time today, because it was one of my worst swims. I don't want to have it show. I was supposed to do more, but I figure why struggle and swim like crap. I figured that I had a long day yesterday. I will also be swimming in my triathlon class tonight, so I will get more in. I looked at my training schedule and it said that I have off today. Hmmm...when I say this...I said...oh i'm done.

Core Exercises
Squats, rows, V's, Steps, Push Ups, Planks, Lat Pulls, stetching and a few weights.

Triathlon Class
We got to test out some Polar Heart Rate Monitor watches today. That way way cool. My max heartrate was 179. The max hit as I was running RPE 8-9.

Total: 3+ miles

Total: 800+ meters

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Great transition practice today! Can be done with a bike trainer or on the street. Do a complete transition each time.

Setup your bike trainer and complete race transition setup in a garage. 8 reps gives lots of time to work out your transition kinks.

8 x (Run 4:00, Bike 10:00, Run 4:00)

Be careful of run only 4 minutes each it seems easy to do them fast, but 8 reps is a lot. Keep all efforts at RPE 3-4. Up the effort in the 2 if you've got anything left.

I did things pretty close to what my program said. There were a few things I did differently. I put my trainer in the garage along with my transition area. I plugged in the stereo so I could listen to some jams.

Total Time: 2:28:25

Time: 55:14
Distance: 7.34 miles
Pace: 7:31/mile

Time: 13:00

Odo: 880.20 miles
Time: 1:20:10
Distance: 23.5 miles

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I went out riding with the Bicylce Village group today. We averaged about 15mph for the entire ride. A little slower than what I am used to, but I figure it is good base training and good company. It got pretty warm today. I was running behind today. I was having issues with my bike, forgot to bring nutrition (never will do it again), and my computrainer fell off in the car and I couldn't find it. I will have to maunally add this to my milage.
Distance: 42.5 miles

I wanted to swim today at the pool, but I spent some time with my friend Logan instead. Later that evening Nicole and I brough some food to the high school youth group at the church. We had a potato bar!! Very nice. Later we played ultimate frisbee. I was worn out by the end of the night.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Core Exercises
Squats, rows, V's, Steps, Push Ups, Planks, Lat Pulls, stetching and a few weights.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

90 minutes tempo
Warm up: 20 minutes, RPE 3
Main: 10 x (3 min tempo, 2 min rest) Tempo at RPE 7-8, rest at RPE 2
Cool down: 20 min RPE 2-3
Name: E Alameda Parkway
Time: 1:26:28
Distance: 10.75 miles
Pace: 8:03/mile

I was pretty happy with my run today. It was the first long run in a few weeks. My time off running was well worth it. I iced my knee afterwards only for pre-caution. It started sprinkling a little but no heavy rain. Today was a record time to Alameda Parkway and back. It was actually 4 minutes faster. The first 8.75 miles was at a 7:46/mile pace. The last 2 miles were my cool down.
Mile 1: 7:44 Mile 2: 7:42 Mile 3: 7:32 Mile 4: 7:47 Mile 5: 7:32 Mile 6(.75 miles): 6:25 Mile 7: 7:37 Mile 8: 7:59 Mile 9: 7:40 Mile 10: 9:19 Mile 10.75: 9:11


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Speed Day
Warm up: 200m continuous
Main: 10 x 100m EBEH (Each 100 = 25 easy, 25 build, 25 easy, 25 hard)
(1:48.75, 1:49.50, 1:49.17, 1:47.39, 1:47.65, 1:49.59, 1:48.82, 1:46.06, 1:38.34, 1:47:25)
Average 100: 1:38.34
Total time (1,000m): 17:52.52
Cool Down: 150 easy
Total: 1,350 meters

What an awesome day of swimming!! After I swam a few 100's my goal was to swim all of them in under 1:50. I made it!! I got to the pool a little late, but I was still able to swim everything.

Core Exercises
Squats, rows, V's, Steps, Push Ups, Planks, Lat Pulls, stetching and a few weights.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Brick Day

60 minutes your choice of terrain and intensity.

Time: 1:00:00
Odo: 856.70 miles
Max: 36.2 mph
Avg: 18.0 mph
Distance: 18.00 miles

Today's weather was terrible. It was raining, sleeting and snowing. I didn't want to ride outside because it would be too dangerous. I rode on the trainer and followed a workout video. I had a really good workout.

30 minutes at RPE3
Time: 34:59.98
Distance: 4.35 miles
Pace: 8:03/mile

I almost didn't go running because it was getting late and the weather was worse. I put on my layers and got ready. I kissed Nicole before I left. My socks were wet before I got out of our neighborhood. It was about 40 degrees outside with snow falling and slush all over the ground. I kept stepping in the large puddles. I kept going. I had a pretty awesome run. My knee wasn't hurting much. I stepped in a large hole/crack just before I got home. I twisted my ankle and hobbled a little bit. I maintained my posture and ran home.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Warm up: 6 x 50, odd swim, even kick
Main: 3 x 300 (1 is RPE3, 2 is RPE9 for first 100 then RPE 5, 3 is RPE 5)
Cool Down: 50 easy
Total: 1,250 meters

I felt very sluggish today and called it quits early. I noticed that I cut my workout in half. Oh well. I don't like swimming when I start feel tired.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Today was the first bike ride with Team Shuttle Pack. It was very exciting and I learned a few things. We all met about 9am and rode through Chatfield State Park. We then came back at our starting point and headed up Deer Creek Canyon. We all broke up on our own at this point and headed up the mountain. It was a tough climb. I felt like Lance Armstrong on the road. The way down was a little fast. I was going 30-35mph almost the entire way down. That was with head wind.

Time: 1:42:55
Odo: 838.40 miles
Max: 36.6 mph
Avg: 17.8 mph
Distance: 30.58 miles+

After the bike ride I went to Bicycle Village for Triathlon Day. I got to meet Michellie Jones, 2006 Ironman World Champion and Joanna Zeiger. What an awesome experience.

Michellie Jones and I
Joanna Zeiger and I

Just when I thought I was done, I went for an afternoon swim. Sunday was going to be another busy day, so I figured I would just swim too.

1,000m Time Trial
Time: 20:43.62
200m split times: 3:53.99, 4:06.47, 4:19.22, 4:22.62, 4:01.32
Average 200m: 4:08.72
Total: 1,050 meters (includes short warm up)

I came home and did some Tom Holland's abs workout. I really enjoy this training video.

Friday, April 20, 2007

4 x 300 (300 easy, 300 kick, 300 easy, 150 kick)
Total: 1,050

I couldn't get the last 150 meters of kick in. I ran out of time and the high school group came. I hate it when that happens.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

More spinning like Tuesday, all in small chainring
Time: 57:56
Odo: 790.6 miles
Max: 31.3 mph
Avg: 16.2 mph
Distance: 15.63 miles

I actually did a spinervals workout video instead. I was not in the small chainring at all during my workouts. I am usually never in the small chainring. Starting to wonder why its even there?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Recovery Swim
5 x 200 (50 easy, 50 build, 50 easy, 50 hard)
200 splits: 4:23.80, 4:01.39, 3:59.82, 3:57.19, 3:56.58
Average 200m: 4:03.84
Cool Down: 150 easy
Total: 1,150 meters

I had a really good swim today. My first 200m was slow. I was shocked and a little nervous. I think that is the reason why I started to pick up the pace. This is my first swim since my triathlon on Sunday.

Name: Cherry Creek State Park (x2)
Time: 1hr+
Odo: 790.6
Max: 31.3 mph
Avg: 16.2 mph
Distance: 19.20 miles

Today was a really hard bike day. I wanted to take it easy and average 16 mph. I did accomplish my goal, but the wind was brutal. I have a thread on about evil wind. Winds gusts were 40 mph+ Yikes. I did struggle for parts of ride. I stopped for a little bit because the American Cycling Association was hosting Time Trials. I was watching many of the racers battle the wind. Some of those bikes were awesome!!! I might try the series next year? I saw my triathlon teacher, Kylie Ramsey at the time trials. I also ran into Adam from Rocky Mountain Road Runners along the trail. What an awesome deal to see people I know along the trail!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Race Report
Austin, Texas
I had troubles getting to sleep the night before. I finally got to sleep about midnight. Race jitters? I woke too early (3am) because some crazy guy was out in the hotel hallway talking extremely loud on his cell phone.

Nicole and I left the hotel about 5:15am and headed towards the park. We got there about 6am so we had plenty of time. I thought Texas was supposed to be hot, but it was a chilly 40 degrees in the morning. We got a great parking spot and I had plenty of time to get everything together. I even had time to go back in the car and warm up.

The swim came up faster than I anticipated. I took one last pit stop at the restroom. I missed a little bit of the pre-race meeting. It was only 15 more minutes and the race began. I watched the elite swimmers go and 3 minutes later my group started. I was a little nervous going into the water, but my wetsuit was very helpful. I started towards the front of the pack. I got kicked a few times, re-adjusted my goggles, kicked a few people, and got kicked a few more times. I didn’t get hurt of even phased. It seemed that way for much of the swim. I kept a pretty even pace for most of the swim.

I started getting off track a little, but re-adjusted and continued swimming. I passed the turn-around buoy around 15 minutes. Towards the end of the swim, I picked up the pace and finished with another person in my age group. My swim time was 31:09 and my rank was 82 of 129

I had no problems stripping off my wetsuit. I put on my sunglasses, helmet, socks, bike shoes and off I went. My transition time was 2:49.

I got off to a good start, but I had to stop at the first corner. My race belt and bib were dangling along my seat post. I forgot to put it on. I had a few people pass me and never saw them again. I really thought it was going to fall off at some point, but it stayed on.

The bike portion was 4 laps and marked well. The first lap was good. I kept an even pace and tried to catch a few people. I didn’t catch many people. There was a big pack in front of me that I was striving to catch. It never happened. The second lap was much more interesting. The sprint triathletes entered the course and it was getting much harder to pass people. I felt much stronger and felt like I was riding with ease. I had to slow down a few times because there were so many people.

The third lap was about the same. I passed a few people in my age group and a few passed me. I tried my hardest to let few people pass me. The fourth lap was to maintain. A big majority of the sprint triathletes finished the bike portion so the road was clear. I grunted at a few of the hills and really got my adrenaline flowing. I may have scared a few people along the way? I came around the last corer and headed towards the transition. My official bike time was 1:19:38 at 19.6mph. My bike rank was 68 of 129.

Here listed are my computrainer results:
Time: 1:19:08 Odo: 771.40 miles Max: 32.9 mph Avg: 20.0 mph Distance: 26.38 miles

I came in to the transition with no problems. I mounted my bike, put on my shoes and hat and off I went. This transition was fast with a time of 1:10.

The run is my strength. I felt strong and was ready to start catching people. One at a time I reeled them in. All the Olympic distance triathletes were marked with an “O” on their right leg, so I knew when I was passing them. I was energized and was greeting everyone as I passed. As the run continued after a few miles, I only greeted the Olympic distance triathletes. I would tell them “good job”, “way to go”, “killer swimmer you are”, etc. I wanted to start conserving some of my energy.

I came around the big hill just before the first lap. It was tough, but I got through it. I passed Nicole as she took a photo of me. It was so great to see her! She cheered me on and off again I went. The second lap seemed to go by much faster. I recorded my miles on my watch, but I kept hitting my watch well after the mile marker. There was only one runner who passed me towards the end of the run, just before the big hill. I was upset that I couldn’t keep up with him, but this was my race.

The finish line was just ahead. I didn’t have any one to catch at the last minute so I ran with ease. As I came through the finish line, I received a finishers’ medal and a cold towel. The towel was nice and cold. My run time was 43:53 at a pace of 7:04/mile. My rank run was 19 of 129.

My total finish time was 2:38:38. My overall sex rank was 34 of 129 and I finished 6 of 18 in my age division. I finished a little slower than my goal, but it was a great time and I was happy. Nicole and I stayed for the drawings and left as they were announcing the winners. We went to a few stores before going back to the hotel. We ate lunch and took a long 4-hour nap.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Open water continuous swim, practice sighting and swimming straight.
Time: 51:24
Total: 2,800 meters

I swam in the pool today because the lakes in Colorado are still too cold. I had split times, but I forgot to post them and I cleared my watch. Oh well. I stopped once during this swim. I also wore my wetsuit for more practice.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Another mixed session. This time we're doing the bike and run rogether. Work in the swim either early or late but not within several hours of the brick session.

45 minutes with first 30 min at RPE 4, last 15 min at RPE 6
Time: 45:01
Odo: 744.80
Max: 26.0 mph
Avg: 18.4 mph
Distance: 13.80

30 minutes after bike. First 10 min at RPE 3, last 20 min at RPE 5.
Name: Mission Viejo Park
Time: 30.58
Distance: 3.64
Pace: 8:30/mile

My left knee has been giving me problems still. Ever since that long run last week. I will lay off the running for a couple of days to see if it gets better. I stretched really well afterwards.

Core Exercises
Squats, rows, V's, Steps, Push Ups, Planks, Lat Pulls

Swim lesson
4 x 200, 1 x 400
200's: 3:17.17, 3:13.19, 3:16.85, 3:22.53
Average 200: 3:17.44
400: 7:08.21 (3:29.45, 3:38.76)
Total: 1,200 yards

What an awesome day! My swim times were great! Of course I was swimming in a yard pool, which my times were a little different. I closed my eyes for much of the swim and I started my race strategy.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Long Day
6 x 500, odds at RPE 3, evens at RPE 5
1: 10:48.81 (4:17.19, 4:21.74, 2:09.88 100m)
2: 10:32.25 (4:07.75, 4:23.57, 2:00.93 100m)
3: 10:56.54 (4:19.36, 4:26.77, 2:10.41 100m)
4: 10:45.69 (4:16.45, 4:21.00, 2:08.24 100m)
5: 10:51.68 (4:18.54, 4:30.68, 2:02.46 100m)
6: 10:30.54 (4:07.39, 4:18.88, 2:04.27 100m)
100m extra swim - bonus!
Total: 3,100 meters

Sunday, April 08, 2007

I got out today in the early morning for a brick workout. It was snowing outside. I woke up a little late, so I couldn't get another run after the bike. My knee has been bothering me since my 12 mile run on Thursday. It sure is poopy to have this problem now. Hopefully it will start feeling better.

25 minutes at RPE 3
Name: Quincy to Smoky Hill Rd
Distance: 3 miles
Time: 28:02
Pace: 9:21/mile

1.5 hours on trainer at RPE 3-4
Time: 1:30:00
Odo: 730.8 miles
Max: 26.2 mph
Avg: 15.7 mph
Distance: 23.54 miles

I watched "50 first Dates" during my ride today. It was a good ride except I got really hungry. I went upstairs and grabbed a cliff bar. I will have to keep this in mind during my races this season.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

My Birthday!! YEAH

Friday, April 06, 2007

Warm Up: 6 x 75, last 25 in each is backstroke
Main: 3 x 700, 1 is RPE 3, 2 is RPE 4, 3 is RPE 5
1st 700: 16:08.44 (4:34.28, 4:44.64, 4:35.18, 2:14.34 100m)
2nd 700: 14:54.93 (4:01.80, 4:17.07, 4:30.20, 2:05.86 100m)
3rd 700: 14:28.90 (3:58.48, 4:13.64, 4:14.17, 2:02.61 100m)
Cool Down: 150 easy
Total: 2,700 meters

Thursday, April 05, 2007

90 minutes tempo run
Name: Quincy to Aurora Reservoir
Time: 1:37:12
Distance: 12 miles
Pace: 8:06/mile

Estimated miles: Mile 1: 7:26.18, Mile 2: 7:58.74, Mile 3: 7:43.75, Mile 4: 8:19.24, Mile 5: 8:19.58, Mile 6: 8:36.37, Mile 7: 8:12.38, Mile 8: 8:16.29, Mile 9: 8:11.25, Mile 10: 8:20.42, Mile 11: 7:55.26, Mile 12: 7:53.47

30 minutes spinning at RPE 3 directly after run. Take in calories and rink at start of bike and after.
Time: 32:10+
Odo: 707.1 miles
Max: 22.5 mph
Avg: 17.3 mph
Distance 9.30+

I went to check on the chicken(for dinner) and forgot to press the start button when I got back on the bike. I went about 11 miles total.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

30 minutes continuous swim
Time: 31:00.24
200m splits: 3:32.77, 4:00.23, 4:08.54, 4:09.97, 4:15.66, 4:24.43, 4:20.42, 2:08.22 (100m)
Avg. 200m:
Total Distance: 1,500 meters

Transition: 2:56

Time: 30:02
Odo: 695.8 miles
Max: 19.8 mph
Avg: 16.4 mph
Distance: 8.21 miles

Monday, April 02, 2007

Long Day
Warm Up: 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull, 200 swim
Main: 300 swim
Total: 1,100 meters

I was so tired in the pool today. I wanted to do more, but I just felt like I needed to stop. I rarely quit or stop, but my body was giving me a huge sign. I felt like I needed some food!! I also figured that I would swim today I triathlon class

Triathlon Class
We ran and swam today. I always forget how many laps around the track we go.

Total: 900 meters

Sunday, April 01, 2007

All 3 events back to back today as race prep, but only the swim is higher effort. Use the nutrition and hydration information that you've gathered so far in training and plan for what to take in here. Try to start this session a couple hours after breakfast--just as race prep.

I woke up early because I volunteered to help setup the race. I ate shredded wheat (dry) early before I left. I am pretty sure this will be my breakfast in the morning. I wore my triathlon suit. No problems. I left strait to the pool after the awards and drawings for the race. It took awhile to get in.
RMRR Trophy Series 4 miles - Bear Creek Trail Park
Time: 25:12
Mile 1: 6:09 Mile 2: 6:28 Mile 3: 6:25 Mile 4: 6:10
Pace: 6:18/mile
Distance: 4 miles

My race schedule said to wear a wetsuit. Not today. There were way too many kids and I was not going to "look strange with confidence". 30 minutes with first 400m at RPE7, settle into RPE 3-4 afterwards. I pretty much reached the goal.
Time: 29:58.99
200m splits: 3:49.88, 4:04.09, 4:24.76, 4:23.17, 4:28.61, 4:30.36, 4:18.12,
Avg 200m: 4:16.99
1000m split time: 21:10.51
Total Distance: 1,400 meters

2 hours at RPE 3. I always take it too hard. I went along the Cherry Creek Trail today. Way too many people. I had to slow down many times .
Time: 2:05:22
Odo: 687.5 miles
Max: 31.8 mph
Avg: 18.3 mph
Distance: 38.19 miles