Eric's Half-Ironman Training

I am now training for my second half-ironman race. The race is in Boulder this time in August, 2007. I finished the Florida Half-Ironman in May, 2007. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Great transition practice today! Can be done with a bike trainer or on the street. Do a complete transition each time.

Setup your bike trainer and complete race transition setup in a garage. 8 reps gives lots of time to work out your transition kinks.

8 x (Run 4:00, Bike 10:00, Run 4:00)

Be careful of run only 4 minutes each it seems easy to do them fast, but 8 reps is a lot. Keep all efforts at RPE 3-4. Up the effort in the 2 if you've got anything left.

I did things pretty close to what my program said. There were a few things I did differently. I put my trainer in the garage along with my transition area. I plugged in the stereo so I could listen to some jams.

Total Time: 2:28:25

Time: 55:14
Distance: 7.34 miles
Pace: 7:31/mile

Time: 13:00

Odo: 880.20 miles
Time: 1:20:10
Distance: 23.5 miles


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