Eric's Half-Ironman Training

I am now training for my second half-ironman race. The race is in Boulder this time in August, 2007. I finished the Florida Half-Ironman in May, 2007. Wish me luck!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Warm Up: 400 swim, then 6x50 on 15 sec rest
Main: 12x100 @ T-pace. Rest on 15 sec
2:08.52, 2:09.95, 2:09.57, 2:13.16, 2:10.21, 2:08.31, 2:12:93, 2:10.72, 2:11.00, 2:09.53, 2:10.20, 2:03.90
Cool Down: 100 swim easy
Total: 2,200 meters

I had a pretty cool swim workout today. I was swimming for speed and efficiency. I think I am really starting to get the hang of it. I have been counting my strokes every now and then. I have been swimming around 25-29 strokes per 25 meters. I swam several 25's where it was 20-22 strokes. That is my goal. Less strokes...better efficiency.

I will be adding more pictures to my blog. They may not all be me...but awesome pictures. This one reminds me of the marathon runner who always carries an American flag with him. Over 20 marathon he has done with the flag. Awesome. Swimming would be much harder!!

RMRR 5K Trophy Series Race
Time: 18:45 - PR
Distance: 3.1 miles
Mile 1: 5:42, Mile 2: 6:11, Mile 3.1: 6:52
Pace: 6:02/mile

What a great day for racing. It rained just a little bit, but not too much. I was a little nervous going into the run because I just knew I was going to do well. I had a good feeling that I was going to run a personal record. I ran several 5Ks in Cross Country during high school, but I don't remember running under 19 minutes. I now consider this race my best! I got a 4th place ribbon for the trophy series and I am very happy. Now I just need to add this run to my triathlons, and I will be set.


Blogger Tea said...

With swimming 2:xx 100's consistently, you are really going rock if you get that stroke count down to 20!

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