Eric's Half-Ironman Training

I am now training for my second half-ironman race. The race is in Boulder this time in August, 2007. I finished the Florida Half-Ironman in May, 2007. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Warm Up: 400 continuous. last 50 in each 100 is kick
Main: 9x100 EBEH (Each 100 = 25 easy, 25 build, 25 easy, 25 hard)
(1:43.47, 1:48.50, 1:50.05, 1:50.57, 1:50.49, 1:47.84, 1:51.70, 1:47.57, 1:48.34)
Average 100: 1:48.73
Cool Down: 6x25, each slower than last
Total: 1,450 meters

1 hour with some climbing or low cadence work if you're on the trainer. RPE 3-4 on the flats and allow yourself some out of the saddle work of RPE 7-8 on the hills.

My swim today got done early, so I went to work early. I left work early so I could ride while it was still daylight. I went to Cherry Creek State Park. My front bike tire seemed to be making a funny clicking noice. I stopped, checked it out. I thought I fixed it, same thing. Then my computrainer fell off. I went back, grabbed it. It fell off again just a short bit later. I noticed a piece was broken off. It probably broke off last time I crashed. I did not get a very acurate reading today, because I forgot to turn it on until a mile or two into the ride. I rode for about 14-16 miles. My max speed was in the 30's and my avg was about 16.5mpg.


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