Eric's Half-Ironman Training

I am now training for my second half-ironman race. The race is in Boulder this time in August, 2007. I finished the Florida Half-Ironman in May, 2007. Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday's are becoming my long rides with the Bicycle Village group. One the riders got a flat about 10 miles into the ride. He ended up using 3-4 tubes and 3-4 Co2 cartridges. We all waited for his. That set us back out 30 minutes. I had to cut today's ride shorter than I wanted to because of the delay.

The wind was terrible today. It was blowing so hard and held no prisoners. The ride back was nice, but it seemed that the wind calmed down. No flat tires today! The piece of metal from last week, must have been causing all the flats.


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